Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All it takes is a smile

If you are familiar with Enid Blyton books you would know about this town which comes alive in the can see people from all walks of life headed towards see smiling faces everywhere ..people exchanging hellos and good mornings .. The streets are abuzz with warmth and friendliness, with teeming life ..

Where are those towns now..where are those friendly familiar faces .. I wonder ..

I wake up in the morning to the hustle and bustle of my house mates..people grumpy and sleepy ..complaining about something (Someone mutters a good morning ).. already stressed out about their day in office (No one is looking forward to it )..
I get dressed and step out of the house not heeding to my growling stomach, promising myself that i will have breakfast and leave tomorrow…

I squirm the moment I am out on the street...The traffic as usual is maddening...I almost get run over by someone everyday .. I am cursing the traffic ,the traffic police man ,the guy who almost ran me over ..I am wishing it will not be long wait for the shared auto through which i commute .. I am blaming the government for not doing enough to make the public transport more efficient.. As my auto finally takes off , I am amazed at how people get away with rash driving .. I am hoping (sometimes praying)that my auto guy doesn't bang into anyone .. I try to switch off and try and think of more pleasant things .. None seem to come by ..There is no escaping this chaos.. As I look around i see tired,drained out faces..faces which look older than they already are .. I see eyes staring blankly at the horizon, not looking for familiar faces ..eyes lost in the pandemonium…..

The auto guy finally drops me in front of my office... As I give him the exact change he smiles at me and says thank you .. I smile back .. wondering when was the last time it happened ..
The smile has it’s effect on me .. Suddenly I feel rejuvenated.. I am happy to be alive ,to be working for my dream company ..
I smile at the guard standing at the main gate ..he smiles back and says good morning.. It is a “good morning” I say to myself !!