Friday, April 22, 2016

Forever Young

I always thought we would be forever young and free...

That there would be always dancing on streets and climbing trees.

Long walks along deserted dark streets and us falling asleep in the midst of the morning breeze..

Always thought that would be our thing..

But a day at the beach that would turn into a long night is now a distant reality,

Riding in cars with no destinations in sight is no more a possibility.

There is something about getting old that is just not for me;day dreaming need not be such a luxury!

But then there we are at that party and I am trying too hard to feel.

Those endless conversations they don't come by so easily.Long silences and big TV screens surround me

As I resist falling asleep ; I realize I have to just let it be..
You and I will still do our thing..even if we are not so young and free..