Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pop corn

As he hit his bed , he couldn't remember the last time he was home. Having a successful sales career meant he was always on the move.As he turned and tossed in bed trying to catch some shut eye, he chanced upon some strewn Pop Corn underneath the bed cover.He could not help but smile,It had all started over popcorn.Ah those were the good old days.All you needed to impress a girl back then was a bucket of popcorn and some coke.Come to think of it , it was not so long ago.Just about eight years.Love was new then.He had this huge crush on his sister's new best friend.For a long time he was hesitant to do anything about it.It didn't seem appropriate to ask her out directly and there always seemed to be so many other people around them .
" Here I got some Pop corn especially for you ! " he had said at the mall that day.They were this huge group of friends and for once he did not mind his baby sister tagging along."Make sure you bring a friend " he told her, knowing fully well who the obvious choice would be.
As soon as he had said it, he realized how lame it sounded.Popcorn especially for you ??!! he asked himself.She smiled rather smugly but the twinkle in her eyes overshadowed everything else.
Oh he had fallen badly for her ! She was not averse to his charms either.Before he knew,he had her hooked.
At the two year mark of their courtship a proposal was more than due.He had just landed a job at a big MNC and he bought the biggest diamond he could afford.She made a beautiful bride and he was the envy of everyone's eyes.
Those first few years of marriage seemed a little hazy .All he remembered was the caffeine shots in office which kept him going and the long fights back home.It was not the bliss they had hoped for , after all.She was demanding as a wife he told himself,in constant need of his time and attention .All he could give her was anger and dismissal in return .He did not know it then that he was loosing her day by day , hour by hour.He had no time no notice,he was engrossed in his work.
Whilst he leapt up the corporate ladder,she had managed to keep herself busy.She had a started a business of her own and her company proved to be the baby she never had.He had been supportive of her career.That is what she needs he had thought.She needed some space of her own.If you give her wings to fly , she may not cling so tightly he had thought.
Things did change.The fights seemed to fade away but so had the love making .
As he lay there in bed,wondering what had triggered the nostalgia,he felt this strong desire to be loved by her.He wondered how he had let love slip through his fingers.As he felt the warmth of his tears the memory came back almost in a surreal way.I am allergic to corn she had said ! He could barely hide his disappointment back then but it was the one thing of her's that he had always remembered.In fact he had jokingly said that his marriage vow to her would be that he would give up on pop corn.Funnily enough that was the only promise he had kept in all these years.
He got out of bed trembling,holding the pop corn in his hand.Suddenly it all became clear to him.As she walked in , she found him weeping like a baby.