Monday, September 14, 2009

Why women powder their noses so often -

Prologue :

Now before we begin let me clarify that I hate going to the restroom.So much so that I am often accused by mother of not drinking enough water just to avoid going to the loo.....

Chapter 1,2,3...

The IT boom along with so many other things brought about the culture of ornamental public restrooms..
On my first day on the job the thing that struck me most was the huge ,deluxe restroom.My eyes lit up when I saw the electric hand dryer and since it had been days since I had seen myself in a full blown mirror,I just stood there amazed...

Chapter 4,5,6...

As days progressed and I became a frequent visitor to the restroom(more than my mother could imagine ),I became party to all the goings ons in the restroom (besides the obvious(and no i wasn't party to that)).Now to come to our main point of analysis as to why women frequent the restroom (and why they go there in groups).Well let's just say that the powder room is the only place where women can let their hair down(literally).It is this cozy comfortable place where you can escape those prowling eyes(yeah we know when we are being stared at)..It's like you are under constant scrutiny which puts us on our guard all the time.So restroom is the only place where you can roll your eyes as much as you want,play with your hair,giggle and do all girly things without having to bother about who is noticing you (or whether you are giving anyone any wrong signals).It's like being in a girls hostel all over again.It is THE place where women bond.. They talk about boyfriends/husbands,mother's in law,crushes,roommates,movies,fashion,makeup...It's like the chai ki bandi for guys,where they can swear all they want to and talk about women (yeah we know you don't talk about sports ).

The End :

Unlike what men think we girls have a lot of fun by ourselves(If we are left alone every once in a while) and we need a lot of female bonding and loving.That is what keeps us going..
So now you know why we go to powder our noses so often..why we need a breather every once in a while..a breather from all the hysteria that surrounds us ..
So if you hear a lot of giggles when you cross the ladies restroom please don't pry and don't ask us what goes on inside and why we go there so often..For once just let us be..

P.S We do "Powder our noses in there" ..but then it is just a pretext    ..

Change is challenging

When I first started working, it took me just a couple of months to realize that life was never going to be the same again(In so many ways).I realized gone were the days when I could watch the sun set over the city,when I could spend lazy afternoons,when I could finish a book overnight,when I could do everything I wanted to.I convinced myself that I had too much on my plate and that propping myself on the bed and watching some mindless show on TV was all that my tired self could.
Once I got married though I realized I could make breakfast,clean house,be productive in office,make dinner,spend quality time with my husband all in one day.
To be frank I don't enjoy it much .I keep complaining about how I take on more than I can handle (Rather more than I should ).But as I am engrossed in self pity I recognize that people around me do so much more.They do part time courses,look after their kids(which is a huge responsibility),Do social work,pursue their hobbies....
I realize how I gave up everything so easily .. how I was convinced I couldn't take on more..
As I rediscover the joy of reading and writing it dawns upon me that we don't challenge ourselves enough.. that we hold back from giving our best..
I think we are the happiest when we give our best and it is important to keep yourself motivated.Change not only motivates you it also sometimes tests you. Sometimes these trials leave you rejuvenated,help you rediscover yourself and make you realize that you can take on MORE

Summer breaks

As I sit in my office on sunny September day, trying hard to concentrate(It being Monday doesn't help),watching the sun bounce off on the tall buildings from my glass window ,I am transported to another era.The era of leisure without guilt...When your life centered around summer holidays...
Oh how I miss my summer breaks..
The good old times when all my time was spent cycling,playing monoply,sketching,reading,
playing sitoliya(seven stones),flying kites and taking long afternoon naps.When the only thing to worry about was whether there would be enough flat stones for sitoliya or which would be the next book to read.
I wonder why  adults don't get summer breaks.The only time we take off from work is when we are visiting family or taking a vacation .These short vacations are always hectic and there's always something to do(visiting places,visiting relatives..).
Oh what would I do to just sit back and relax without having to worry about anything.To read a book all day (hopefully finish it ) listen to my favorite music for hours or to just sleep all day..
I remember on just one such sunny day (a long time ago) ,with a book in my hand and dreams in my eyes I wondered how life in the outside world would be like..
Today when the outside world has engulfed me all I really want to do is go back to that summery day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The thing about appreciation is ...

I started writing this blog out of my love for writing.It was like my online journal.Since I spend 10 hrs in front of the computer every day, I figured this was the best medium to express myself.
For a long time I did not share the blog with anyone.My only faithful follower was my dear husband.Considering it was young love and all, he appreciated everything I wrote and encouraged me to write more.He also encouraged me to  share the blog with other people(Maybe because he did not want to suffer alone).
With a lot of ado and hesitation ( I am a shy girl),I started sharing my blog with a few close friends and family.I got a positive response and people started appreciating my writing skills and all (mostly my mother).This encouraged me to share it with a wider audience and  thus began my blog promotion phase.
I put up my blog link on my gmail status,on my facebook profile,spread the word around(Being in an IT company helps :) ),sent mails to everyone(After all this i started considering a career in marketing) .....
I learnt to start conversations with "yeah i know! in fact in my blog...." or "I totally agree , If you read my blog..."
I also started reading other blogs and leaving witty comments on posts hoping they would want to know more about me (Check my profile and find my blog link basically).Every fifteen minutes I would check if i had any unmoderated comments..(Ok maybe five)
While I was busy with all this I realized I wasn't writing much.No matter how much I racked my brains (Nothing fell through), I couldn't think of interesting ideas to write about.
As I decided to wait for the idea to come (While I basked in my past glories ), I wondered what all this was about.Why was i writing this blog?It had all started with my love for writing...But the thing about appreciation is that....(it gets to your head)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am following sex and the city these days..
Every time I watch the show I can't help but miss my girlfriends.Five years of living in girls hostels and PG's has gotten me addicted to female companionship.
Now don't get me wrong here ,my husband is my best friend but nothing compares to the fun you have with your girl friends.

For the uninitiated here's a list of Ten fun things you cannot do with your guy friend -

1) Giggle over silly things(It's fun to be silly.You may not like Aishwarya Rai or Preity Zinta for their gigliness but then it's fun to let your hair down and be plain silly at times)

2) Talk in code language(All I have to say is men are dumb .. The aakho hi aakho mai ishara ho gaya thing just doesn't work with them)

3) Go window shopping (I am sure you saw this one coming.Wha good is to for shopping only if you have to buy stuff.You should be able to plan what you are going to buy next(No wonder they say men are not good at planning)  )

4) Listen to romantic songs ( Yeah as far as I am concerned heavy metal is not cool !! )

5) Discuss clothes (Clothes from movies,TV serials,the latest window display at your favourite store......)

7) Talk about hair fall (Or just your hair in general.I know more and more men are getting obsessed with their hair but guys you are not just there yet )

8) Talk while you cook (Yeah this is mainly because men can't multitask.So if they are cooking they can't talk (duh) )

9) Chat for hours on the phone(Guys grow out of it at some point i think )

10 ) Gossip (Now I know men love to gossip too .. But it's not as much fun )

A Bygone Era

When I moved out,the thing I missed most was the warmth of life back home.
I missed the comfort of the sofa,the warm cozy bed,the mundaness of daily life.I missed the happy voices,the coming home of my father(The look on my mother's face),the laying of the dinner table,the ring of the doorbell,the chit chat of the neighbours,the friendly doodhwala.I missed buying vegetables from the thelewala,I missed watching my grandmother wait for the postman everyday.I missed the constant ringing of my landline phone and the ever flowing guests(Who were always welcome).I missed the aromas from the kitchen and the easy availability of food all the time.

I made great friends at the PG I was staying in and in our own way we tried to create a home away from home for us.But I always felt a void.I always dreamt of going back to the same life,to the same warmth.

Five years from then and here I am married and running a house of my own...
During weekdays I hardly spend a couple of hours at home during the day.My doorbell only rings to announce the maid in the morning(Rather to jolt me out of bed).
I have this obnoxious green box for a mailbox in the apartment where I drag myself every time I am expecting a mail.I collect the milk packets from the bag I hang in by the door every morning.I buy vegetables from the nearest supermarket (The one with the fastest moving queues) and I have guests only when I invite them(Otherwise people call before they drop by ).I wouldn't recognize my next door neighbours if I crossed them on the street(I am sure they don't know me either).On most days I and my husband come home together.On other days when he gets late I am half dead by the time he gets home.
Sometimes I wonder if that was a different era altogether..Sometimes I regret that those memories seem so distant and are fading away so soon.
I wonder if I can ever recreate the magic in my home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rain

If you love the rain you would agree that watching the rain through a glass window is something else..As I sit inside I am mesmerized ..
The world outside seems foggy ,blurred and distant.. You feel alienated sitting  in cozy comfort while the rain soaks everything outside.
You realize that  you are disaffected by so much else that goes on outside your comfort zone.How you are just a tiny drop in the vast ocean.How you are consumed by the pattern the drops form on the window while the world outside gets impregnated.How you prefer to sit and enjoy watching the outpour but don't risk getting drenched.
As these thoughts engulf me I wonder if I should step outside or wait for peace to prevail.
This is a choice I make everyday...