Friday, June 21, 2013

Next Time...

I love the gloominess which lurks around this time of the year.
The dark clouds hovering around ominously...They speak of distant memories.
Remind me of all the fun had in the rain;In another time and another place.
And then almost on cue, it Rains..
Next time, I tell myself.
I love the calm that ensues after. It speaks volumes, through the occasional tip tap.
I love the little streams making their way through feverishly;
They seem to have a purpose;a meaning.
Make me wonder why I did not get out there...
 Next time, I tell myself.
I love the mud that sticks on the soles of my shoes and  finds it's way into my life.
Just like the water that has seeped through the window sills.
Reminding me of things that could have been...
Next time for sure,I tell myself.