Monday, December 28, 2009

Riding in Autos with Autowalas

I dread it every day.In fact I  walk down the stairs of my apartment every morning with a laden heart and heavy steps.

As soon as I am out the hunt begins.Well lets not talk about the hunt(That is material for some other post , some other day).What I do want to talk about is the ride.Thank God for the technology other wise I would not have been able to write this one on paper what with my hands still shaky and trembling.

What a ride it was.The moment I stepped into the auto, I realized this one was for thrills.

Before I was barely seated in the auto our man had stepped on the accelerator.As far as he was concerned the race had begun.As I sat there muttering something about auto's having seat belts, I realized we were on the main road (newly built road).For our man this was black ice.

Now the self proclaimed expert that I am in behavioral analysis,I have realized that in such situations it is best not to let your emotions show.If you scream and rant about how fast the beast is driving ,you just fall into the trap.That is the part he enjoys more than the crazy driving.After every crazy turn,scary overtake and signal jump he looks in the rear view to see if it has had it's effect(Or maybe just to check if I was still in there and had not tumbled out in one of his acts)

So as I sat there poker faced holding on tight and trying very hard not cringe every time I thought he killed somebody.I felt what most people must feel when they see a gun before their eyes.

My whole life flashed before me.I wished I had lived a more fuller life.I frowned at myself for not hugging my husband  in the morning.I wished I had finished the last few pages of the book I was reading(Now I will never know what happens in the end :( ). I began wondering about "who will cry If I die".As I was coming up with this list with tears in my eyes, the auto screeched to a halt.As I let go of my grip,opened my eyes and peeped out shakily to check who had died(Thanking god that it was not my day),I realized much to my relief that we had reached our destination.Or rather I had reached mine while he sped away to another journey.

As I stepped into my office, I felt this vague sense of renewal.It was as if I had seen the white light and managed to cheat it(Yeah this was my death defying moment).I vowed to not let this happen to me again.That the next time I am on this ride I will have no regrets,that I will live my life to the fullest and will live in the moment...but then that day could be tomorrow..Just another day with just another auto wala...