Monday, February 28, 2011

Yellow Submarine

There lay the Yellow Submarine , old and rusty , abandoned by the sea .

The one that  had once sailed beneath the waves, in the sea of green .

It used to be a happy place to be.

Now there were no dreams fluttering in and  no laughter drifting out from within .

It was no longer the place to find simple joys , life was not as it used to be .

Where did the children flee?

Did they all, not want to be living in the yellow submarine ?

"There is no yellow submarine," said the bright child."Only fools live in a dream."

But then there it lay , gleaming in the sun , right next to the Green.

Monday, February 21, 2011


It was the summer when a lot was breaking out from inside me, apart from the Zits on my face..Was it not conspicuous to the world outside ?

But then Mamma said, "You are a shy boy Ronny.Girls will like you despite your zits.Don't you fret sweetie".

It was the summer I heard giggles everywhere I went and hushed tones too..Did everyone not know already ?

But then Daddy said, "You should come play squash like men your age do Ronny.Get rid of your puerile ways."

It was the summer I tried to fight it the most .. Could I not lock it away in the closet,for it to be never shown ?

But then Daddy said, "You are a queer boy Ronny ".

It was the summer when everything was exploding...Just like the Zits on my face.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Theirs was a typical Love - Hate relationship.From what eight year old Meenal could reminisce, it seemed like Deepal had been around forever.Following her everywhere like a shadow.Sometimes even to places, where her shadow abandoned her.
Deepal was the wiser one.She was always the one to show her the right path,the brighter side.She would finish sentences for her,occasionally, her thoughts too.
There were days she wished she could make her go away,to Neverland maybe.She wished she could put an end to her constant chattering.Sometimes she did too, but then she would regret it the very next moment.
It was always easy to cajole Deepal after a fight.She would never sulk for too long or make her suffer.She would come back to her ever so wise though.Always saying "I told you so".That would make Meenal hate her even more.
But she loved Deepal.She was her only comfort on dark rainy nights when Daddy was away and Grandma was fast asleep.The only one who would hear her sobs as she cried herself to sleep every night thinking of Mommy.Sometimes she would make up funny stories just to make her laugh.She would tell her that Daddy was not really mad at her but missed mommy too and that in the morning everything would be brighter.
As she sat in there, huddled up,thinking about Deepal ,she heard footsteps in the room outside."I told you Daddy would find you in here ", Deepal said. "Hush", she said.
Just then the knob turned and she saw Daddy giving her the sad look he always gave her . " What are you doing in Mommy's closet sweetie ?",he said. "We were looking all over for you. And who were you talking to in there ? ".