Friday, February 22, 2013

The Blue Boots

There they lay on the window still,
a little dusty, a little beat.
Shoved into the corner, for a rainy day;
Who knew what tales they were aching to tell.

Step into them I wanted to,
Will on a rainy day I told myself.
Shoved them into the corners of my mind,
there they lay safe.

Wear them when you can make the most of them,
said my friend.That is the wise way.
You will need them one day for sure.
Till then, they need to be put away.

That day was yesterday my love,
said the old lady with the white face.
So many rains and so many suns,
you seemed to have missed them in all the rush.

Rains they come and go, I said.
This though, I need to get done today.
Oh if only you could wear them just once,she said.
You would know what fun they entail.

There is nothing to fear. she said.
All they need is a little getting wet.

Stepped into them , I did.
Those Blue boots they just fit.
Everything just fell into place,
Everyday is now a rainy day.