Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not so Strong

Sometimes I wish I was not so strong; that I would just give in

Sometimes I wish it was easy, easy to show the pain

Sometimes I wish the words would just flow; that the silence wasn't so overpowering

Sometimes I wish my love was not so deep; that there were no heartbreaks

Sometimes I wish they knew what it was like; that I did not have it easy

Sometimes I wish they could see beyond the pride; hear through the silences

Sometimes I wish my strength wasn't my weakness…


  1. Hey Mugdha! Love this piece. And maybe I know where this is coming from. For some people there seems to be no other option than to be strong. They don't know any other way to be. You know.. Even if you might find the "other way" tempting momentarily. And that is what sets you apart from the mediocre.
    Be yourself!

  2. Hey thanks Geets ! Although I have to admit that I feel this has come out sounding a bit morose..Not quite what I intended it to be ..but considering that I haven't put up anything in a while here, it is a start ..Hopefully better things will follow soon :)

  3. Hi, nice words I too feel this way sometimes.
    Actually I wanted to say awesome but I think you deserve more than that..anyway nice work keep going..and stay happy. The way nature reciprocates for our good deeds is a difference you'll never came to know when it returns you the best. :-)

  4. I read it again today.
    It resonated with me more now than before.