Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nothing gloomy or too deep..
All I am looking for is something silly with a cup of tea.

We could have coffee too if you please..
As long as you promise to be free.

Free from all this pretense and role play..
Free like we were little girls again.

Why does it seem that it was so long ago..
When those giggles were not so hollow.

All this jazz can only bring blues..
Lighten up my friend ,look at the brighter hues.

A day out together will do us good..
Hold my hand as we sing through the old neighbourhood.

I hope it rains and soaks us through. .
A little splish splash will go with those Jimmy Choos

As I pause to steal a glance at you..
I see what I should have known all the way through

I have lost you to a world or two ...
You my friend are just someone I knew..
A long time ago that too..

Those Jimmy Choos, they do you good.


  1. Dont give up on the owner of the Jimmy choos. Only you can possibly coax her out of those and take a jump and splash in the puddle. If its worth lamenting the loss of then its worth fighting for just as well.

    It made a lot of images in my head. I liked that.

  2. Gee thanks S. I found this comment almost accidentally today..Totally made my weekend..